Drill Presses

Drill presses, including mounted benchtop, portable and pedestal drill press models, are versatile tools in the woodworking workshop, offering precision and power unmatched by handheld drills. A drill press uses a fixed stand and adjustable platform, allowing for accurate, repeatable drilling at various angles and depths. These machines are ideal for tasks requiring precise hole placement, such as joinery or doweling, and can easily handle a wide range of materials. Before purchasing a drill press, consider the machine's power, size, and the types of projects you undertake, as these factors will influence the best model for your needs. Additionally, assess the space available in your workshop to accommodate a bench drill or a more substantial pedestal drill.

Discover the perfect drill press for your needs and all the accompanying drill bits and drill bit sets you need for your project. Explore our collection to enhance your drilling accuracy and efficiency in every project.


How do I ensure accurate drilling?

To ensure accurate drilling with a drill press:

  1. Start by securely clamping your workpiece to prevent movement.
  2. Use a centre punch to mark the drill locations, providing a guide for the bit.
  3. Select the correct speed for your material and bit size, as different materials require different speeds for optimal drilling.
  4. Consider using a drill press vice or clamp to hold the workpiece firmly.
  5. For precise hole alignment, use the drill press's depth stop feature to control the drill depth accurately.

What size drill bits do your Drill Presses take?

Our drill presses are compatible with various drill bit sizes, from 1-20mm depending on the model, catering to diverse drilling needs. From fine, detailed work requiring small bits to larger applications, the chuck size on our benchtop drills accommodates the most commonly used bit sizes. Always check the specifications of the particular model for the maximum and minimum bit size to ensure compatibility with your project requirements.

What safety features are included in your Drill Presses?

Our drill presses have several safety features designed to protect the user during operation. These include a safety guard around the chuck and bit and a safety switch button with the cut-off switch in the lid. Additionally, non-slip surfaces and ergonomic controls are included in these models to contribute to safer use.

Can I adjust the bed height and angle on your Drill Presses?

The bed height and angle on our drill presses can be adjusted to accommodate workpieces of various sizes and to drill at different angles. This flexibility allows for precise drilling operations across a broad range of projects, enhancing the drill press's versatility. The easy-to-use adjustment mechanisms as well as the bench and mini drill press models ensure that setting up for each task is quick and straightforward.

Do your Drill Presses come with any bits?

Our drill presses do not come with drill bits included. This allows users to choose the bits that best suit their project needs, from standard twist bits to specialised Forstner, spade, or hole saw bits

How do I maintain and care for my Drill Press to ensure longevity?

Maintaining your drill press involves regular cleaning to remove sawdust and debris, lubricating moving parts to ensure smooth operation, and checking for wear and tear on components such as belts and bearings. Keep the chuck and drill bits clean to maintain precision. Regularly inspect the electrical components for signs of damage. Following these maintenance steps will help ensure the longevity and reliability of your drill press.

What is the size of your Drill Press beds?

The size of our Drill Press beds varies significantly to cater to various project requirements, with a range from our smallest at 200 x 200mm up to our largest at 435 x 475mm. As the bed size differs from machine to machine, we advise customers to check the specific dimensions of each model before making a purchase. This ensures you select a drill press with a bed size that perfectly matches your needs.

How noisy are your Drill Presses during operation?

Our drill presses are relatively quiet during operation compared to other woodworking machinery. The noise level can vary depending on the specific model and the type of drilling being performed. Generally, drill presses produce less noise than larger saws or routers, making them a more comfortable option for prolonged use in a workshop setting.

Can I use the Drill Press for materials other than wood?

Our drill presses can be used on various materials besides wood, including metals, plastics, and ceramics, with the appropriate drill bits. This versatility makes the drill press a valuable tool in any workshop, allowing for precision drilling across a wide range of projects and materials.

Are there any guarantees or warranties provided with your Drill Presses?

Our Sherwood drill presses have a 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind and quality assurance. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and ensures your drill press will perform to high standards. For specific warranty details and conditions, please refer to the product documentation.

Do you offer any instructional guides or videos for setting up and using your Drill Presses?

Look at our DIY Advice page and YouTube channel, which features blogs and videos from the expert team at Timbecon and reputable woodworking sources around the globe. If you can't find exactly what you're looking for, get in touch today! Our team is happy to point you in the right direction or offer some advice on where to get started with your drill press.

Are you able to supply replacement parts?

Yes, we can supply replacement parts for our drill presses, ensuring you can keep your machine in top working condition. Whether you need a new chuck, belt, or switch, we can provide the necessary parts to maintain your drill press's performance and extend its lifespan.

Can I add accessories or jigs to enhance the functionality of the Drill Press?

Our drill presses are designed to be highly versatile, allowing various accessories and jigs to be added. By integrating tools such as vices for secure material holding, fences for consistent drilling lines, you can significantly expand the capabilities of your drill press. These enhancements not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of your work but also open up a wider range of project possibilities. Tailoring your drill press with these accessories can transform it into an even more indispensable tool in your woodworking arsenal.

What are the tolerances and run out on your Drill Presses?

The newest models in our Precision range boast a run-out of less than 0.02mm, ensuring extremely accurate drilling for projects where precision is paramount. For our standard range, the run-out is kept below 0.03mm, offering a high degree of accuracy suitable for a wide variety of woodworking tasks. These specifications demonstrate our dedication to providing tools that meet the exacting standards required by both professional woodworkers and beginners.

What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) do I need to wear when operating your Drill Presses?

While operating drill presses, wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is crucial for your safety. Safety glasses or goggles are essential to protect your eyes from flying chips and debris. Though drill presses are generally quieter than other machinery, hearing protection is advisable in prolonged sessions or in a particularly noisy environment. Additionally, wearing fitted clothing to avoid entanglement and securing loose hair and jewellery can prevent accidents.

What power requirements do I need to run your Drill Presses?

Our drill presses cater to various power requirements, with models available from 375W to 1500W. This variety ensures that you can select a drill press that matches the power availability in your workshop and meets the demands of your specific projects. For the lower-powered 375W models, a standard household 240V AC outlet is sufficient, making them ideal for lighter-duty tasks and hobbyist work. The more powerful 1500W models, designed for heavier-duty operations and professional use, may require a dedicated circuit to handle the higher power draw. To provide safe and efficient operation, it's essential to check your workshop's electrical capacity and ensure it aligns with the power requirements of the drill press you choose.

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