Sherwood Pedestal Drill Press 1500W Floor Standing

  • Sherwood Pedestal Drill Press 1500W Floor Standing DPF-1500

    Sherwood's 1500W Drill Press: Stability and Power

    We've learned from other manufacturers that you have to be careful with poorly-designed or inferior brands of drill presses this size because when you're speccing a machine with a motor this powerful, every other bit of the machine has to be up to standard. For instance, many of Sherwood's competitors are top heavy, meaning they lose that inherent stability that makes a drill press worthwhile.

    If you're going to sacrifice stability, trust us, you're better off buying a drill guide and just setting in for a rough life with a hand drill and a marking gauge because you'll be wasting your money. Sherwood have intigrated all the vibration-reduction technology into the head while balancing the weight perfectly throughout the machine, meaning you can buy a drill press from Sherwood that not only won't overheat in the toughest hardwoods, but will drill as fine and accurately as if it was light as air.

    Bigger table means better value

    The Sherwood 1500W Drill Press hasn't scrimped on quality anywhere, as you'd expect from the creme-de-la-creme of the Sherwood range. A big, heavy-duty cast-iron table is perfect for a range of jigs, with our drill press range boasting a large amount of specially formulated jigs for the occassion. Well-backed with a range of specialist accessories and a five year warranty, this one of the highest-performing drill presses available at anywhere near this price point.


    • 4-Pole, 1400rpm motor produces double the torque of standard 2-pole motors

    • Standard bayonet-style light fitting mounted in the drill head creates improved lighting on the drill press table
    • One-piece drive spindle design (instead of using a tapered drill arbor) improves drive transfer and concentricity
    • Micro-switch built into pulley cover means it can't be accidentally turned on when changing speeds
    Motor Size 1500W
    Run out 0.03mm
    # of Speeds 12
    Speed Range 150 - 2450rpm
    Spindle Travel 120mm
    Swing 510mm
    Chuck Capacity 5 - 20mm
    Quill Size 75mm
    Post Diameter 85mm
    Table Size 410 x 410mm
    Base Size 410 x 550mm
    Height When Assembled 1720mm
    Machine Weight 130kg
    Plug AU - 10amp

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee of $65.00 may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns page for more information.

    $1,099.00 (inc GST)

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