Sherwood Variable Speed Pedestal Drill Press 750W Floor Standing Keyless Chuck

  • Sherwood Variable Speed Pedestal Drill Press 750W Floor Standing Keyless Chuck DPF-750-VS

    Continuous Variable Speed is quickly becoming a must-have for drill presses

    Innovative technology at a competitive price isn't just a slogan, it's a must have for workshop equipment that goes beyond the simple handyman's arsenal and actually achieves professional results.

    By buying a drill press with variable speed, you gain the ability to manually set your machine's power at the optimal level for your project. This increases practically everything; from the accuracy and ease of drilling to the repeatability of your results.

    Sherwood's focus has always been combining excellent value with innovative features. The idea behind each tool is to make your work easier, while still retaining an excellent price point for virtually any budget. No longer do you have to scrap around balancing pulleys and mucking around with the innards of a drill press, with Sherwood now you can just set your desired speed on an easy-to-read digital display and drill like you've never drilled before.

    The innovative range of features on this machine are numerous, from a locking linear depth stop for accurate drilling operations without the fuss of auxiliary accessories to the time-honoured quality of a cast-iron, tiltable work table.

    Why a variable speed drill press?

    Unsurprisingly, their new variable-speed drill press is no different. The continuous variable speed functionality allows you to manually dial in the speed you need for a project, while implementing a nifty, easy to read digital display.

    It's laser-guided, boasts a strong capacity, offers a swing mechanism and has a hearty 750W of power of boot. In short, it's a fantastic all-round drill press that any woodworker would be proud to own.


    • Digital depth display speed
    • Laser guide
    • Continuous Variable speed
    • Drill press protective cover
    • Easy adjustable function
    • 4-pole motor
    • Swing mechanism


    Model DPF-700-VS
    Swing 360mm
    Taper MT2
    Speed Change Manual Variable
    Motor 750W (240V-50Hz)
    Amperage 3.4
    Capacity 16mm
    Spindle Speed 400 - 2000rpm
    Spindle Travel 82mm
    Plug AU - 10amp


    $999.00 (inc GST)

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