Sherwood Pedestal Drill Press 1125W Floor Standing

  • Sherwood Pedestal Drill Press 1125W Floor Standing DPF-1125

    Sherwood's 1125W Floor / Pedestal Drill Press offers huge capacity

    The major problem people face with under-specced drill presses - and to be completely honest, it's quite common that people over spec on drill presses as well, so we recommend looking at our smaller 750W models before you buy - is that if you're using them for extended periods of time, they can overheat on harder woods. It's because when you're drilling deep into hard surfaces, the amount of heat you generate would overcook a steak and it puts a lot of stress on what is generally a smaller motor.

    This is where our 1125W models come into their own. These are built to run all day on hardwoods and come out the other side a lot cleaner and cooler than you will. Not that they're a pain to use, though. We've been using one of these in our workshop and the vibration-controlling heads do a phenomenal job of ensuring accurate holes when our hands or attention spans just aren't up to task.

    It makes the whole process a lot easier on you, which is exactly what a drill press is for. The four-pole motor means it runs more efficiently, making our 1125W model more powerful than some of it's seemingly larger competitors, while the large swing will enable you to take on bigger projects, making this a drill press for life in more ways than one.

    5-year warranty, 17in Swing, 5-20mm Chuck & a 12-speed, four-pole motor. That's the Sherwood difference.

    • 4-Pole, 1400rpm motor produces double the torque of standard 2-pole motors
    • Standard bayonet-style light fitting mounted in the drill head creates improved lighting on the drill press table
    • Micro-switch built into pulley cover means it can't be accidentally turned on when changing speeds


    Motor Size 1125W
    Run out 0.03mm
    # of Speeds 12
    Speed Range 150 - 2450rpm
    Taper MT3
    Spindle Travel 120mm
    Swing 440mm
    Chuck Capacity 5 - 20mm
    Quill Size 75mm
    Post Diameter 85mm
    Table Size 350 x 350mm
    Base Size 350 x 450mm
    Height When Assembled 1690mm
    Machine Weight 107kg
    Plug AU - 10amp

    Please note that due to the shipping weight of this machine that a tailgate drop fee may need to be charged. Please see our Freight & Returns page for more information.

    $999.00 (inc GST)

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