Torquata 15-Piece Router Bit Set

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    Torquata 15-Piece Router Bit Set

    The best value and most comprehensive router bit set!

    Available with 1/4" or 1/2" shanks. Please select your option from the drop-down menu.

    Not sure which bit is right for you, or beginning to kit out your collection? This 15-piece router bit set from Torquata features the best selling bits found across a range of plunge, trim and moulding bits. Unlike some brands, all bits in the set are identical in quality to the individual bits, so buying this set represents one of the most cost-effective ways of getting started. The bits are neatly organised and presented in a wooden storage box.

    Most of the bits in this set are available to purchase separately. Click on the SKU in the table below to link to the page; Q refers to 1/4in shank and H refers to 1/2in shank. 

    Please note: the Dovetail bit is 1/4in shank in both the 1/4in and 1/2in sets. 

    The Torquata 15-Piece Router Bit Set includes the following bits: 

    Equivalent Bit SKU Name Specifications
    SE-064-Q | SE-064-H Straight Bit 1/4in Diameter
    SE-127-Q | SE-127-H Straight Bit 1/2in Diameter
    SE-190-Q | SE-190-H Straight Bit 3/4in Diameter
    CO-095-BQ | Half-inch bit not available individually Cove Bit 3/8in Radius
    RB-095-BQ | RB-095-BH Rebate Bit 3/8in Cutting Depth 
    Not available individually 45 Degree Chamfer Bit 3/8in Cutting Depth, 5/8in Height
    KH-095-Q | Half-inch bit not available individually Keyhole Bit 3/8in Diameter
    Not available individually Dovetail Bit 9/16in Diameter 
    RN-127-Q | RN-127-H Core Box Bit 1/2in Diameter
    VG-127-Q | VG-127-H V-Groove Bit 1/2in Diameter
    FT-127-Q | FT-127-H Flush Trim Bit 1/2in Diameter
    RO-064-BQ | RO-064-BH Round Over Bit 1/4in Radius
    RO-095-BQ | RO-095-BH Round Over Bit 3/8in Radius
    RO-127-BQ | RO-127-BH Round Over Bit 1/2in Radius
    OG-159-BQ | OG-159-BH Roman Ogee Moulding Bit 1/4in Radius, 5/8in Height
    1/4in Shank
    $229.00 (inc GST)
    1/2in Shank
    $249.00 (inc GST)

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