Baladonia Portable Woodworking Vice

  • Baladonia Portable Woodworking Vice RVL-64

    This portable woodworking vice is one of Australia's most popular vices

    While bigger is usually better when it comes to clamping - sometimes a massive workbench vice doesn't fit the task at hand. This simple little vice could fit the bill - especially when you need portability or only need it for occasional use. Solid cast-iron and steel construction means that this vice should last a lifetime if its well looked after and cared for.

    Its designed to be removeable - the inbuilt table mounting clamp can straddle a workbench or even a piece of 2 x 4 - anywhere up to 55mm thick. The 9.5mm (3/8in) thread holds the 25.4mm (1in) clamp pad to the underside of the work piece you're mounting to.

    Alternatively you can permanently mount it through the holes located at the top and back of the vice by either using standard or coach bolts up to 8mm diameter. 

    Work bench vice features to look for

    • Entirely portable and moveable, easy to reposition and adjust
    • Fantastic for taking into various workshops, demonstrations and more
    • Ideal for those with limited space and smaller workbenches
    • Still retains an extremely tough, rigid design famous from this brand
    • Solid cast iron and steel throughout
    • Easy winding mechanism ensures minimal strain on wrists

    Vice Woodworking 6in x 4 1/2in Removeable Specifications

    The vice jaws itself are 152mm (6in) wide with a workable depth above the guide bars of approximately 50mm. Holes are machined into the faces of the jaws for mounting sub faces if necessary - with a working depth of approximately 125mm (5in). 

    The two 12.7mm (1/2in) guide bars and 15.9mm (5.8in) rolled thread screw ensure the vice works well and provides good solid, square clamping strength. 

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