Blue Dog Bench Dogs 4 Pack

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    Blue Dog Bench Dogs 4 Pack FC-02511

    Fastcap Blue Bench Dogs offer functionality and flexibility on your workbench

    The Blue Dog is a product that gives great functionality to your workbench when dogs are needed. Simply use a 2½” hole saw to drill out a hole, sand the top edge, and press the Blue Dog down into the hole until flush. Detents allow easy and accurate height adjustment for any material thickness and the turntable feature allows for great flexibility on your workbench.

    They rotate like a turntable and offer exceptional ease of installation - just drill, sand and press. It also adjusts to accommodate material, which is a real plus. Another great product developed by a cabinet maker on the shop floor!

    Fastcap Blue Bench Dogs Features

    • Rotates in a complete circle
    • Adjusts to the material height
    • Sits flush in any bench

    Why do we love these Blue Dogs?

    The rotation and flush setting design make them brilliant for routing, sanding and any form of general assembly work. It's no wonder they were designed by a carpenter, because we sell a bucketload of them to professional tradies every day and that carefully thought out design that Fastcap are famous for, plus the lifetime warranty, really sets these apart from your standard bench dogs.

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