Baladonia Roller Transfer Balls

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    Baladonia Roller Transfer Balls AN-25

    Roller Outfeed Table Support Transfer Balls!

    Want to make your own work piece transfer station? Buy these transfer balls and simply screw or bolt down to whatever surface you are working on – whether it’s a shop-made stand or larger feed table setup.

    The benefit of transfer balls over traditional roller support brackets is their ability to track the pice being handled in any direction. This can be very handy in many workshop situations. 

    Roller Support Transfer Balls 25mm Pk 6

    These balls are fantastic quality and very reliable. Suitable for use in shop built transfer assemblies. Each set comes with six transfer balls measuring 25mm in diameter. The overall size of the ball base is 53x70mm. Each 25mm transfer ball base measures 53x70mm and can handle up to 34kg each, so all six can handle over 200kg in total.

    Sold as a pack of six only.

    $35.90 (inc GST)

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