Benchcrafted Roubo Split Top Bench Plans

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    Benchcrafted Roubo Split Top Bench Plans BCSTRP

    Benchcrafted Roubo Workbench Plans are what being a woodworker is all about

    Please note: As these plans were written by Benchcrafted, they use Imperial measurements.

    When you look at your tired old workbench, over-crowded, undervalued and rattling around as you try to create projects, think for a second about your legacy as a woodworker. Have you ever wanted to build something that will last generations? Something that looks just as impressive as it was hard to build? Something that your grandkids can thank you for?

    This is what Benchcrafted is offering with their Roubo bench plans. Detailed instructions in plain English. A time-tested, innovative and brilliantly engineered design, refined with the latest in modern features and careful attention to detail in mind. 

    Woodworkers, destiny is calling. It's a big task, sure. But this is the opportunity for you to build something brilliant.

    Why the Roubo bench?

    Benchcrafted's Split Top Roubo Bench plan is based on Andre Roubo's renowned bench design, with a few added creature comforts thrown in. If you're in need of a workbench, it's time to get inspired. 

    These plans are designed in combination with the three related products you'll see below: the Benchmaker's Hardware Package (the nuts and bolts), the Glide Leg Vice, and the Tail Vice. With this awesome foursome and some high-quality timber, you can have the bench of your dreams (and the most enjoyable DIY project you've ever taken on).

    The Iowa-based benchmakers developed these plans so woodworkers could build a bench using their tail and leg vices without having to figure out all the details. Simply follow the measured drawings and construction notes (available free on Benchcrafted's downloads page) and their vices will fit perfectly. 

    The Split Top Roubo is widely used by professional furniture makers, teachers and schools, as well as amateur woodworkers. It excels at holding work in the three most necessary positions: for working edges, faces, and ends. 

    • Designed for strong, massive components to eliminate movement

    • Clamp and reposition workpieces with ease

    • Clamp very small pieces and conduct mallet work

    • Gap stop along the middle of the bench for storing tools

    • Gap stop protrudes creating an ideal environment for adjusting tenons

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