Baladonia Shoulder Vice Screw

  • Baladonia Shoulder Vice Screw TBSV-1

    The shoulder vice is undoubtedly the best type of workbench vice in the world

    They may drive on the wrong side of the road and the winters are nightmarish but even us Aussies have to admit, the Europeans got it bang on with the shoulder vice. A shoulder vice is difficult to build, don't get us wrong, and if your workbench varies in strength due to different materials you may face a few issues down the line if you start thumping on the wrong area.

    But they are so, so beautifully easy and efficient to use and well worth the effort. It combines the entire vice mechanism with such ease and simplicity of design and when it comes to everyday woodworking techniques like dovetailing...well, you won't find a better vice anywhere. Oh, and this is the best shoulder vice screw you'll find anywhere. But don't just take our word for it...

    The best value shoulder vice screw on the market

    This vice screw allows you to create an L-shaped shoulder vice commonly found on Scandinavian-style benches. The threaded section and adjustment knuckle is morticed into the vice shoulder with a pivoting jaw mount located on the ball-end. The benefit of this is it provides flexibility for the jaw to move when clamping out-of-square work pieces. 

    This particular should vice screw has a 28.6mm diameter screw and can clamp material up to 175mm thick less the thickness of the jaws. Overall length of the vice screw is 330mm and produce from cast-iron and bright steel, making it extremely tough and hard-wearing.

    $49.90 (inc GST)

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