Bessey K-Body Revo Vario Clamp 1000mm Capacity Panel & Carcase Clamp & Spreader

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    Bessey K-Body Revo Vario Clamp 1000mm Capacity Panel & Carcase Clamp & Spreader KREV-1002-K

    Bessey K-Body Vario Revo Clamps offer huge versatility

    Vario K-Body Clamps build on the features & benefits of the new Evolution K-Body REVO with the opportunity to adjust both jaws to optimise clamping preparation. With the push of a button the ‘fixed‘ jaw can be moved to where you want it – eliminating a great deal of work piece balancing before glue is applied.

    The large, perfectly parallel jaw faces are characteristic of the Evolution BESSEY K Body Clamps. It allows easy clamping and spreading of sensitive surfaces and right angles, even round and pointed work pieces exactly parallel to each other. And the best thing is: thanks to their extra-large contact surfaces, the Evoluttion BESSEY K Body Vario are universally applicable – even behind and to the side of the high-quality profiled rail.

    This allows you to clamp in locations that conventional screw clamps are unable to reach. That's guaranteed! 

    Corners and recessed edges as well as pointed and round surfaces can also be perfectly aligned due to ingenious accessories, such as swivel adapters, frame press sets, clamp extensions and table clamps able to be used in conjunction with the clamps.

    Clamp Parallel K-Body Revo Vario 1000mm Long Clamp Each: World Class Parallel Clamping 

    Anywhere where high pressure clamping, 90° clamping or powerful spreading is required the BESSEY K Body Vario clamp is the ideal tool.

    With a new design that has increased the already impressive clamping forces now up to 8,000 N (up from 7,000 N in the original K Body REVO), large clamping surfaces and sensible accessories this clamp can do the job. The BESSEY K Body REVO clamp is also ideally suited for accurate adjustment of corners and offset edges. 

    • Clamping force up to 8,000 N
    • The new ergonomically formed 2-component symmetrical plastic handle with hexagon socket means the clamping force can be comfortably applied (max. torque 17 Nm)
    • Wear resistant cold drawn square blackened acme threaded spindle
    • Very large 95 x 20 x 20mm parallel clamping surface
    • Glass fibre reinforced polyamide jaw cover pressure caps to protect delicate surfaces (that are repellent to glue, and also resistant to paint and grease solvents)
    • Can be converted to spreading function with no need for tools
    • Protective work piece contact elements - supports work piece from contact with rail.
    • Profiled serrated rail - Two brakes on the sliding jaws  incorporates an anti gravity slide braking system, guaranteeing safe, non-slip clamping
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