Bessey Telescopic Drywall Support 1700 - 3000mm 110kg Capacity

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    Bessey Telescopic Drywall Support 1700 - 3000mm 110kg Capacity STE-300

    In German, you might call them “Teleskop-Arbeitsstutze”. In Australia, we call them ‘Telescopic Supports’. But no matter what language you speak, they’re simply brilliant.

    Bessey Telescopic Supports are perfect for holding of a wide variety of building materials while you’re working. But they can also be used for room partitioning, as simple burglary protection, for affixing cat nets and even for the construction of winter gardens or carports. But that’s not all! Practical accessories (available separately) offer even more possibilities for the supports. This is because a wider support plate increases the contact area, and a multifunctional fixture allows the use of lasers, construction lights and cameras, for example.

    • Weight capacity of 350 kg when the telescopic rod is fully retracted
    • Extremely stable construction due to highly durable steel pipes and non-slip PVC contact surfaces
    • Single-handed operation thanks to the 2-component handle with pump mechanism
    • The quick-slide button delivers rapid extension and retraction of the telescopic bar
    • Controllable holding force by turning the support on the grip
    • Continuously swivelling contact surfaces provide for safe application on slopes from -45° to +45°

    Extremely secure hold

    Bessey Telescopic Supports guarantee a reliable and secure hold. The robust design delivers a maximum load of 350 kg (dependent upon the size of support and length applied). Rubber PVC contact surfaces on the top and bottom pads ensure a strong grip on a wide range of materials.

    Quick and accurate handling

    The support can be precisely set to requirements, and safely released, with one hand. Perfect for those sticky situations where you only have the one hand free!


    Adjusting range (mm)

    Load limit at min. extension length (kg)

    Load limit at max. extension length (kg)

    Weight (kg)






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