Torquata Jack Lifter 120kg Capacity Adjustable Trigger Lift

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    Torquata Jack Lifter 120kg Capacity Adjustable Trigger Lift TJL-120

    We don’t always have an extra set of hands to help us in the workshop, but that no longer matters with your new workshop friend: Jack Lifter!

    Perfect for lifting base cabinets, installing shims, and keeping objects level for pain free installation of doors, windows, cabinetry, decking, furniture or whatever else. It’s not only a time saving tool, but also a labour-saving device, doing those heavy lifts and adjustments for you with ease.

    This Jack Lifter features a flat T-shaped base for stability, and a steel support arm measuring 44 millimetres to support up to 120kg of weight. The support plate is able to be rotated and locks in at 90-degree increments, so you can get under tricky and tight spots.

    The durable plastic body of the lift fits easily within your hand for quick and uncomplicated use. The black lever lifts in increments, whilst the red lever allows quick sliding adjustment up or down for a total lift capacity of 300mm. The grey lever allows very slow incremental downward release, for when you need to get that project lined up perfectly.

    Lift weight capacity 120kg
    Lift height capacity 300mm
    Weight 1.15kg
    Material Steel, aluminium, plastic


    $89.90 (inc GST)

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