ISOtunes Air Defender AM/FM Earmuffs - Black/Safety Red

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    ISOtunes Air Defender AM/FM Earmuffs - Black/Safety Red IT-91

    Comfortable, Convenient, Classic. These ultra-comfortable AM/FM radio earmuffs are a simple solution for any loud environment.

    With a station-saving memory function for easy listening and up to 60 hours of battery life, AIR DEFENDER AM/FM is perfect for those who like to keep things classic.

    Certified hearing protection

    With a 24 dB Noise Reduction Rating, AIR DEFENDER AM/FM is ANSI-certified, OSHA, and NIOSH Compliant. Designed & proven to reduce noise with an IPX4 sweat, water, and dust resistant rating.


    Over 20% lighter than Isotunes’ other earmuffs, with a built-in foam headband and memory foam ear cushions so you can wear them all day without discomfort. And with up to 60 hours of operation on a single pair of AA batteries, they’re perfect for listening to the test match while you work.

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    Ultra-lightweight & Memory foam ear cushions and headband

    ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs are 20% lighter than other models of earmuffs. They feature soft, memory foam ear and headband cushions for a custom fit. Stay protected and comfortable all day long.

    ANSI-certified 24 dB NRR | CSA Class A/OSHA Compliant hearing protection

    Being compliant with OSHA means to adhere to all applicable US safety regulations that have been developed. Your ISOtunes ear buds are approved for use in environments at or above 80dB over an 8-hour working day.

    SafeMax™ Technology limits volume to 85 dB

    ISOtunes signature SafeMax Technology ensures that your earbuds have an 85dB maximum volume limit. ISOtunes won’t damage your hearing, even when used at maximum volume.

    Up to 60 hour battery life (2 AA batteries, not included)

    Seriously long battery life means less interruptions. These earmuffs also include an Aux input for nonstop listening. Stay connected and protected longer with ISOtunes Air Defender Earmuffs.

    IPX4 sweat and water resistance

    Air Defender Earmuffs are reisitantr to water splashes from any direction. Rain or hot sweat producing hot weather won’t damage your ISOtunes Air Defenders.

    AM/FM Radio Connectivity with Station-saving Memory Function

    Are you a PBS listener? Do you like to keep up to date with the ABC? Maybe you like to hear what Trevor from Manangatang has got to say about the pollies in Canberra on a talkback station? Regardless of your listening habits, you’ll always be able to find your channel!

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