MPOWER Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone 300/600 Grit Complete Kit

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    MPOWER Double Sided Diamond Bench Stone 300/600 Grit Complete Kit MP-20161

    Meet the 8” Double Sided Diamond Stone Complete Kit. And complete because the days of seeking out the best stone, and then the best strop, and then the best polishing wax and lapping fluid are over. MPOWER have created the perfect combination of unique high quality sharpening equipment in one comprehensive set. Perfect for anyone wanting to sharpen edge tools quickly and easily.

    Everything you need – one complete kit

    With a MPOWER KIT, nothing else is required. This MPOWER 300/600 grit bench stone sharpening and finishing kit includes:

    • 1 x 203mm (8in) double sided diamond stone 300/600 grit
    • 2 x magnetic diamond stone holders
    • 1 x cleaning block
    • 1 x magnetic leather strop cover
    • 1 x 55g white wax polishing stick
    • 1 x 30ml fully synthetic lapping fluid
    • 1 x canvas case
    • Instruction booklet included

    Why a 300/600 grit combination?

    This MPOWER diamond stone combination offers you a Coarse 300 grit surface, perfect to quickly reshape an edge or take out any unfortunate nicks. Then use the Fine 600 grit surface to quickly bring up a cutting edge. Hone your edge using the polishing stick and magnetic leather strop included. The 8in Double Sided Diamond Stone Complete Kit provides you with all the accessories you need to get your blade maintained and sharp all contained in a secure canvas case.

    Free style recessed design

    MPOWER’s non-linear Freestyle Recess design ensures that there is always an intersecting evacuation channel no matter which way the blade is positioned or moved on the surface. Lapping fluid suspends the sharpening debris and flows through the channels helping to reduce clogging or pasting of the diamond plate, which prolongs the period of sharpening and maintains abrasion rates.

    Pressure bonding manufacture

    The two plates are pressure bonded to the core using an oil and solvent resistant 3M adhesive. The result, a diamond stone offering the performance and flatness of the highest standard. This allows MPOWER to confidently back it with a 3 year “no quibble guarantee” that can be increased to 10 years guarantee through registration of the tool on the MPOWER website.

    10 year stone guarantee

    MPOWER’s new Diamond Bench-Stone Kits are now so tough they’re covered by a “no quibble” 10 Year Guarantee - double the industry standard. Even if the damage is down to years and years of regular sharpening, MPOWER will supply you with a FREE replacement. To learn more and to register your new bench stone visit the 10 Year Warranty Tab on the MPOWER website.

    The history of MPOWER’s 8” double-sided stones

    Launched over 7 years ago, MPOWER’s unique hybrid laminate manufacturing process has stood the test of time. Since MPOWER have improved many aspects of the 8” bench stone. Not least with the development of “Rust Free” Aluminium cores.

    Aluminium extrusion has proven to be a super consistent material that supersedes the accuracy that could be reliable achieved by machining tool steel as a core. It also has the added advantage of being 100% rust free. The core is anodized which again is a superior hard-wearing finish. Tougher than that of either black oxide or nickel plating, anodizing provides an incredibly flat finish which allows MPOWER diamond stones to be the flattest stones available.

    Who is MPOWER?

    The origins of MPOWER Tools lie in a woodshop, in a derelict barn, in the West Country of England. 25 years later MPOWER continues to design, develop and manufacture innovative tools, exporting to more than 16 countries Worldwide.

    Polishing waxes

    Your MPOWER diamond stone comes with its own strop. And to use with your strop MPOWER have created three unique blends of friable Polishing Wax Sticks. Friability is the process whereby the abrasive particulates deliberately breakdown in size to aid the process of polishing. Allowing you to hone the sharpest edge possible.

    The MPOWER 55g Wax Stick range includes:

    • Orange *1800# grit – for a sharp blade
    • White *2500# grit – for a very sharp blade
    • Blue *5000# grit – for a razor sharp blade

    They can either be used in conjunction with its corresponding bench stone or used to finish a blade edge honed on any diamond stone new or existing. Regularly rub or load the leather strop with the wax sticks prior to stropping/finishing any blade edge.

    *Grades stated are approximated.

    Fully synthetic lapping fluid sample

    Lubricating your diamond stone can assist its performance. If you wish to lubricate your diamond stone, we recommend using MPOWERS unique fully synthetic lapping lubricant. This lapping fluid was developed by MPOWER Tools and comes in a re-usable aluminium fine spray bottle. Our Lapping Fluid is 100% FREE from nitrates, mineral oil, sulphur, chlorine and phenol. Three sizes available separately:

    • 30ml
    • 100ml
    • 250ml

    What does ‘bedding in’ your stone mean?

    A brand-new diamond stone produced by any manufacturer will feel very coarse to the touch regardless of the micron or grit size of the diamond. This is quite normal and no indication of the stones actual grade. After some initial use, the stone will ‘bed in’ and the stone will feel much smoother to touch. So, you cannot rely on touch to determine the grit of the stone. Refer to the grit number printed on the stone to confirm what stone you are using.

    How much pressure do I use when sharpening?

    An easy light pressured sharpening stroke is all that is required to gain optimal abrasion rates from any diamond stone. Excessive pressure is not required or recommended as it can literally tear the diamond particles away from the nickel plated bed.

    Sharp tools require care

    Sharp tools and sharpening equipment can be dangerous in the hands of the young, inexperienced or untrained. We highly recommend extreme care when sharpening or teaching others to sharpen tools.



    Model SKU



    3 years standard

    10 years on product registration

    Stone grade

    Double sided 300/600 grit

    Wax grade

    White – 2500 grit

    Stone width


    Stone height


    Stone length

    203mm (8in)

    $249.90 (inc GST)

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