Torquata Large Jaws to suit the 75mm Mini Scroll Chuck

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    Torquata Large Jaws to suit the 75mm Mini Scroll Chuck TSCLJ-075

    Do you have a Torquata Mini Scroll Chuck? Want to expand your grip? Then check out this Large Jaw Set. Completely compatible with the Torquata 75mm Mini Scroll Chuck, these Large Jaws will make your mini chuck a mini monster. Along with the Torquata Mini Scroll Chuck, this jaw set is perfect for anyone who wants to turn tiny pieces.

    These days, if you want to turn wood, you need a scroll chuck. And if you want to turn a broad range of tiny pieces, then you should consider using a mini scroll chuck. Check out these Large Jaws to suit the Torquata 75mm Mini Scroll Chuck.

    Large Jaws for the Torquata 75mm Mini Scroll Chuck

    If you want to expand the capacity of your mini scroll chuck, then check out this Large Jaw set. Featuring ribbing on the exterior and interior of the jaws, these Large Jaws are designed to grip via contraction or expansion.

    What’s in the box

    • 4 x Large Jaw segment plates

    Please note – the Torquata Mini Scroll Chuck Jaws are not compatible with the TSC-100 or any other brand of scroll chuck.

    Large jaw capacity

    It’s only mini, yet it can do a lot.

    • Max dimensions - Inside 88mm Outside 100mm
    • Min dimensions - Inside 60mm Outside 72mm

    Easy fit

    These Large Jaws fit quickly and easily to your mini chuck. It’s basically a two-minute job to change your existing jaws out and set these jaws in. Go get turning large!

    Hardened steel

    These Large Jaws are made by the same manufacturer as the TSC-100. The jaws are made from hardened steel so guarantee years of continual use.

    Lifetime warranty

    All Torquata products are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Turn easy knowing you are covered.

    About Torquata

    Torquata produce a range of router bits, saw blades, woodturning tools and woodworking accessories specified for the Australian woodworker. Torquata tools economical, versatile and well made. Torquata means affordable quality.

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