Milescraft TriGrips Non-Slip Work Holding Feet

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    Milescraft TriGrips Non-Slip Work Holding Feet

    Milescraft TriGrips are foam bench-gripping work holders like no other

    Milescraft are arguably the most exciting company in woodworking at the moment because they have a tendency to re-think standard workshop equipment and find brilliant, low-cost but incredibly durable solutions to everyday problems and annoyances.

    These TriGrips are another example - the special foam impregnated non-slip skin holds any type of material in place, allowing users to route, sand, drill, carve and paint without clamps and with assurance the work piece will not move. 

    The best part is the versatility - TriGrips offer a flat-hold or perfect self-adjustment

    They work incredibly well because they offer a flat-side, that uses the special foam design to make sure that no matter what surface your workbench is like, the piece can't move against such a high-resistance material. When on their flat side, TriGrips holds a work piece 30mm above the bench top.

    TriGrips support larger work at its edges, narrower, longer work along its median, or when grouped together form a concentrated center support. This makes them incredibly tough, while ensuring that the material is not only firmly held but also versatile in the access it presents to the woodworker.

    But the kicker, for us at least, is the self-adjustment. 

    When set on edge self-adjusting, stabilizing internal ballast flows to the base of a unit set in the vertical position. TriGrips raise the work piece a full 76mm above the bench. In combination with the cone-shaped tip formed into one corner of the block, a set of 4 TriGrips offer a no-extra-cost alternative to single-duty painting supports.

    Instant, Positive Lateral Stability on Almost Any Kind of Work Surface Without Clamps!


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