Armor Tool Auto-Adjust T-Track Horiztonal Inline Workholding Clamp

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    Armor Tool Auto-Adjust T-Track Horiztonal Inline Workholding Clamp B-7-IL

    Holding your work securely is critical to success. Not just to produce great results, but also to ensure your work is completed safely. Armor Tool produce a broad range of work holding devices that guarantee perfect safe results every time. Suitable for all makers both enthusiast and professional.

    Holding work securely when machining ensures great safe results. Not only does the work need to be clamped very securely, but the clamps must also be versatile, efficient and easy to use. Check out this this Auto-Pro T-Track Inline Toggle Clamp from Armor Tool.

    Auto Adjusting T-Track Inline Toggle Clamp

    This Auto-Adjust B-7-IL Horizontal T-Track inline Clamp fitted with a 5/16in T-Bolt that fit a standard 5/16in T-Track. This versatile clamp slides easily through the T-Track and can rotate 360 degrees. They also feature fixing plate pins so the clamps may be held captive at either 45 or 90 degrees. The Auto Adjust mechanism eliminates the need to for constant readjustment and enables the clamp to maintain uniform clamping pressure even when working with materials of different dimensions.

    Key features

    • Auto adjust technology
    • Versatile and easy to adjust clamps able to rotate 360 degrees with fixing points
    • Generous clamp travel of 90mm
    • Low profile compact design
    • Clamping force is variable up to 700lb
    • Sturdy tempered metal and aluminium construction

    Auto Adjust technology

    Armor Tools Auto-Pro technology automatically adjusts to variations in workpiece dimensions while maintaining consistent clamping pressure. In other words, they can handle multiple work pieces with moderately varying widths without the need for constant complicated adjustments. This feature greatly increases your productivity and safety.

    Adjustable clamping pressure

    The integrated clamping pressure adjustment screw is used to create a wide range of clamping pressures. Rotate the adjustment screw clockwise to decrease the pressure and counter clockwise to increase it. Clamp adjusts easily for both delicate work and for when high pressure is needed. Once set, the clamping pressure is always the same.

    Easy to use adjustments

    Each inline clamp features a large alloy lock down handle for easy grip and comfort. A notched T-Track fixing wheel that can be tightened easily by hand. The clamp head shaft is easily and quickly slid into position by hand, no tools required.

    Easily adjusted clamp head

    The clamp head shaft slides easily and quickly into position by hand. This means setting the width of the inline clamp is very quick and easy. The head of the clamp features a V-groove cut into the surface. Great for gripping corners or shaped sections of material securely.

    Who is Armor Tool?

    Based in North America, Armor Tool produce a wide range of clamping, work holding and hardware products for both the woodworking and metalworking global markets.


    Armor Tool

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    2 years limited

    Maximum clamp travel


    Maximum clamping force



    Tempered metal

    Plastic buffer and knob

    Overall maximum clamp dimensions

    65 x 220 x 45mm wide

    $74.90 (inc GST)

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