Sherwood 4in Dust Separator DIY Kit

  • Sherwood 4in Dust Separator DIY Kit YW-1190

    Protect your dust collector from unnecessary wear and tear and increase your productivity with this Sherwood Dust Separator DIY Kit. Perfect for anyone who loves to make dust!

    Build your own dust separator and protect your dust collector from unnecessary damage with Sherwood’s Dust Separator DIY Kit. The two supplied elbows and couplers combine to give you in feed and out feed points when installed onto the lid of a barrel or any container you want to capture large wood chips into. Container not included.

    How does it work?

    The separator works by simply allowing the heavy wood chips to fall to the bottom of the container while the lighter airborne dust particles get pulled out through the out-feed port and into your dust collector. The Sherwood Dust Separator DIY Kit is perfect for use with table saws, jointers, planers, router table and whatever other gear you use.

    Why use a dust separator

    Three reasons. Firstly, it prevents large debris from slamming into your dust collector’s impeller and protects your dusty from any unnecessary damage. Secondly, separating the large wood chips also keeps your dust collector bag from filling up quickly. This means you won’t have to empty out the dusty so often. Thirdly, emptying the separator is a far easier task than wrestling with a dust bag. Save time and don’t get dirty.

    Whats in the kit

    • 2 x 4in Dust ports (ID 94mm, OD 99.2mm)
    • 1 x 4in In-feed elbow (ID 101mm, OD 106mm)
    • 1 x 4in Outfeed elbow (ID 101mm, OD 106mm)
    • 1 x 4in Turnkey hose clamp
    • 8 x #10-24 Pan head screws 1–1/4in long
    • 8 x #10-24 Pan head screws 3/4in long
    • 8 x #10 washers
    • 8 x #10-24 Nylock nuts
    • 1 x Setout template
    • Installation instructions

    Building your separator

    Building your own separator is easy. All you need is a suitable barrel or container - make sure it has an airtight lid. Mark out the positions of the dust ports, cut and install. All the instructions and template come with the kit.

    5-Year warranty

    All Sherwood products feature a standard 5-Year limited warranty. No other range of dust collection accessories are more supported than the Sherwood 4in Dust Separator DIY Cyclone Kit.
    $44.90 (inc GST)

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