Dust Extractor Hose Stepped Reducer 100 --> 32mm

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    Dust Extractor Hose Stepped Reducer 100 --> 32mm YW-1137

    Sherwood Stepped Dust Hose Reducers suit every possible application

    Stepped dust hose reducers are a masterfully simple way of connecting different sized hoses when you can't find the right sized adaptor, and let's face it, that can be a daily challenge if your workshop is as cluttered as ours tends to get.

    We've chosen these Stepped Dust Hose Reducers because they're a high-quality and economical way of adapting to two different hose sizes. This fitting is stepped at most of the common sizes so it provides flexibility in which size hoses are to be connected.

    Stepped Reducer Specifications

    Fits most common sizes from 100mm down to 32mm.

    Step 1(largest)  OD: 98 ID: 92
                              OD: 68 ID: 62

    Step 2               OD: 62  ID: 58
                              OD: 45 ID: 40

    Step 3               OD: 40 ID: 35
                              OD: 40 ID: 35

    Step 4 (smallest) OD: 35.  ID: 27.75
                                OD: 34.75   ID: 27.5


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