Dust Extractor Rubberised Hose Connector Fitting

  • Dust Extractor Rubberised Hose Connector Fitting

    Sherwood's brilliant Rubberised Extractor Hose Connectors are now available in three sizes

    Available in 2 different sizes. Please select your option from the drop-down menu.

    These hose connectors are designed to quickly, easily and reliably allow you to connect two different sized lines of extraction hose without having to run a separate line. 

    The best part of these connectors is that rather than being rigid plastic, many of Sherwood's reducers and other dust extraction fittings - like these - are built from a rugged resin construction that flexes rather than cracking - great for being moved around regularly.


      Small Side ID (mm) Small Side OD (mm) Large Side ID (mm) Large Side OD (mm)
    YW-1881 31.5 37.5 37.5 45.5
    YW-1182 25 30.5 31.5 37.5

    Why Sherwood dust extraction hose connectors are better value than our competitors.

    Many connectors and reducers on the market are poor, cheap imitations made with little quality control which leads to poor fitting - so many of our customers tell us they've been previously duped by the online retail giants selling cheap knock-offs that don't end up fitting their hoses despite the listed measurements. These connectors and reducers are guaranteed by Sherwood's quality control, meaning no sharp edges, rough bits or bowed measurements.

    Just reliable service for years to come.

    32 - 30mm Extractor Hose Fitting Connector
    $5.90 (inc GST)
    45 - 32mm Extractor Hose Fitting Connector
    $6.90 (inc GST)

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