Sherwood Dust Extractor Cyclone Kit

  • Sherwood Dust Extractor Cyclone Kit MDCK-200

    Sherwood's Famous Dust Extractor Cyclone Kit with a vacuum wand!

    Improve the efficiency of your extractor with this great dust cyclone kit. Cyclones work by using vortex separation to get the coarse and fine particles to collect in a separate container from your extractor, meaning more free air is flowing through the system and therefore improving the overall extraction efficiency of your system.

    This kit comes with all the basics plus a few extras to get you going. The cyclone lid sits atop a 100L collection drum and can connect to your existing extraction system using the included 2x 3m lengths of hose (4in/100mm diameter). Also included in the kit is the vacuum wand kit that allows you to clean up your workshop floor. 

    Dust Extractor Cyclone Kit Features

    • 100L collection drum means less empties, more filling
    • Reliable, simple operation that you can depend upon
    • Incredibly great value set up for budget woodworkers
    • Heaps of fantastic extra inclusions and accessories to make your life easy!

    What do we love about this Dust Extractor Cyclone Kit?

    We've been selling this unit for years and you simply can't find such great value these days anywhere else. We've sold thousands and never had an issue, because they have a simple ambition - stop the dust from reaching your collector - and they do it in a no fuss, simple system.

    We also sell the incredibly effective Oneida cyclone dust collectors, which are specced for serious dust extraction systems. But these beauties are affordable for the layman and more than enough to ensure most people never have to worry about dust again.

    $349.00 (inc GST)

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