Oneida Dust Deputy 6in XL Cyclone Separator DIY Version

  • Oneida Dust Deputy 6in XL Cyclone Separator DIY Version AXD-002030-AXL

    The Dust Deputy turns your single-stage dust extractor into an efficient, effective two-stage extraction system, minimising suction loss, reducing filter changes and improving workshop air quality.

    Its cyclone technology works on a wide range of materials. Oneida’s 6in Dust Deputy range is designed for the professional woodworker.

    The DIY Version is the most affordable way to add cyclone technology to your extractor setup. Connect the cyclone to your own container using the supplied gasket and mounting hardware, attach your ducting, and you’re all set.

    Cyclone Technology

    The principle behind cyclone separation is straightforward. The air containing particles enters the cyclone chamber from the side which causes it to spin rapidly around inside the chamber. The dust particles are thrown against the inside wall of the chamber, where they drop out of the airflow and fall into the collection chamber beneath. A low pressure zone develops in the centre of the cyclone through which the clean air is able to exit. Cyclone separation typically removes 99% of particles, leaving the smallest 1% to be captured by filtration.

    Universal Compatibility

    Any dust extractor that is rated at 850cfm or greater can be used with the 6in Dust Deputy. 

    Reduce filter changes

    There are no filters inside the Dust Deputy – the dust is removed solely through cyclonic action. Only 1% of the material makes it through the cyclone to be caught in your vacuum’s filter, massively reducing the number of times you need to clean it out.

    Reduce Suction Loss

    A filter caked with dust will increase resistance to the airflow and can significantly reduce suction. The Dust Deputy removes the dust before it even gets to the vacuum. When your filter is not getting blocked up, the vacuum will continue to run at full air velocity for much longer.

    Easy Emptying

    The Dust Deputy 6inDIY kit can be mounted to a wide range of strong collection containers, so emptying the dust is as easy as removing the container’s lid and dumping its contents.

    Cyclonic Separation Efficiency

    Removes over 99% of fine wood dusts

    Horsepower Rating

    3HP - 5HP

    Airflow Rating

    Minimum 850 CFM

    Waste Capacity


    Inlet Size

    6-1/4" O.D.

    6" I.D.

    Outlet Size

    6-1/4" O.D.

    6" I.D.

    Discharge Size

    10" O.D.

    6" I.D.

    Primary Build Materials

    Static Dissipative Polyethylene

    Static Resistance Rating

    Static Dissipative









    Height to Centre of Inlet


    Actual Weight



    Cyclone, Gasket, Lid Hardware

    Country of Origin

    Made in USA

    $599.00 (inc GST)

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