Oneida Dust Deputy Static Dissipative Cyclone DIY Kit

  • Oneida Dust Deputy Static Dissipative Cyclone DIY Kit AXD-001004-SD

    I am going to build my own extractor! With a cyclone and two stages!

    Still got that vacuum left in the cupboard from when you upgraded to a Dyson for a few years ago? Time to turn it into a dust extractor.

    Or just want to a cyclone dust separation stage to your current dust extraction solution without the massive price tag? Then this is the perfect kit.

    Upgrade any make and model wet/dry vacuum into a two-stage dust control system with Oneida's patented cyclone separator. Removes over 99% of dust and debris from the airstream, containing it before it ever reaches the vacuum, virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss! Cyclone moulded from an industrial, static conductive resin for use in electronically sensitive applications. This DIY model lets you choose any size dust container for your shop, build a mobile cart, or integrate into a centralized system!

    Includes the black cyclone, foam gasket, and mounting hardware.

    The problem with just using a standard vacuum as a dust extractor is that the filter clogs quickly and you lose suction and most vacuums have very limited capacity for dust. By fitting a cyclone inline, you can add as much capacity as you need and by removing dust before it hits the filter, you will be able to run it significantly longer before the filter clogs.

    This kit is the most cost efficient way to get a cyclone into your workshop dust extraction solution.

    Static-Safe Cyclonic Separation for Industrial Applications

    The Static Dissipative Dust Deputy DIY cyclone is moulded from an industrial static conductive resin. It's specifically designed for use in applications where a high degree of grounding conductivity is needed, and for vacuums with a static grounding inlet. It provides maximum static conductivity while retaining the ultra-high particle separating efficiency of the original Dust Deputy design.

    This simple and efficient design can be adapted for use with any make, size, or model wet/dry vacuum. It also features tapered 2.0" inlet and outlet ports, allowing for secure fittings with a variety of hoses sizes. With the DIY version, your Dust Deputy system is limited only by your imagination! It can be used with any size, shape, or type container as long as it has an air-tight seal.

    How Does It Work?

    Now 20% more efficient with Neutral Vane Technology, the patented design of the Dust Deputy cyclone uses centrifugal force to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris from the air-stream before it reaches your vacuum's filter; eliminating clogged filters and suction loss! The Dust Deputy will save you significant time and money on expensive replacement filters and dust bags, and keeps your wet/dry vac operating at peak performance!


    Airflow Rating Minimum 50 CFM
    Inlet Size 2" O.D. (Tapered)
    1-3/4" I.D.
    Outlet Size 2" O.D. (Tapered)
    1-3/4" I.D.
    Discharge Size 3" I.D.
    Static Resistance Rating Static Conductive
    Colour Black
    Height to Center of Inlet 9.625"
    Contents Cyclone, Foam Gasket, Mounting Hardware
    Country of Manufacture United States
    $154.90 (inc GST)

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