Luban Small Router Plane with Three Metric Blades

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    Luban Small Router Plane with Three Metric Blades LRP-001

    Luban Small Hand Router Plane is brilliant for levelling and cleaning 

    A really useful tool to have for cleaning up the bottom of housings and trenches or truing and levelling tenon cheeks with remarkable accuracy. With a 100 x 50mm cast stainless steel body, it is broad enough to give support on a trench up to 40mm wide and the open design offers excellent visibility and shaving clearance.

    Three included cutters are - 2.5mm straight plus 2.5mm & 6mm V-point.

    Luban Router Plane Features

    • Designed for planing fine recesses, grooves and dados
    • Ideal for getting under the shoulders of dovetails
    • Made from cast stainless steel that will not rust
    • Machine sole plate measures 100mm x 45mm

    Luban Router Plane Specifications

    • Body material: Cast Stainless Steel
    • Blade steel: T10
    • Blade Sizes: 6 mm V, 2.5 mm V, 2.5 mm Straight Blade
    • Blade Cut Depth: -30 mm from surface
    • Hardness of blade: 59-63
    • Handles: Bubinga
    • Weight: 200 grams
    • Sole Size: 100 mm * 45 mm

    What makes Luban Router Planes better than their competitors?

    This compact router plane is an extremely versatile tool for fine detail work. It is designed for planing recesses, grooves, dados and for getting under the shoulders of dovetails. The body of the plane is made from cast stainless steel which will not rust. The sole of the body measures 100mm x 45mm and is machined to a tolerance of +/- 0.001mm ensuring planing accuracy. The blades can be adjusted to sit 20mm below the sole to allow for deep cleaning and planing of grooves and recesses.

    The solid brass knurl screw has a screw driver slot that ensures that the blade can be tightened rigidly in position. Two hardwood handles allow for fingertip control whilst the operators thumb exerts pressure against the profiled casting. Weighing only 180g this is a beautifully finished tool which is supplied with a 6mm and 2.5mm V blade and a 2.5mm straight blade made from a high carbon steel.

    $125.90 (inc GST)

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