Incra Precision Tiny T-Rule

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    Incra Precision Tiny T-Rule IRT-075

    Tiny... but powerful!

    With marking slots up to only 75mm, this tiny yet super accurate measuring and layout tool enables woodworkers of all experience levels to improve the quality of their work. The Incra Rules use a simple mechanism to make all layout work fast, repeatable and deadly accurate.

    With the Precision Tiny T-Rule you can ditch the combination square and remove the need to constantly readjust for different measurements. Tiny holes and slots at every 0.25mm allow you to locate your pencil mark exactly on target every single time.  

    The end also has marking slots up to 50mm. Slide the rule to the end of the fence to form a square, perfect for setting your blade or router bit heights.

    Marking relative to the end or edge of your workpiece:

    Put the T-Bar against the edge of your workpiece, then make your mark in the hole or slot at the desired measurement.

    Drawing a line parallel to the edge of your workpiece:

    You can draw a line by sliding the T-Bar along the edge of your workpiece while holding your pencil vertically in one of the holes at your desired measurement.

    For use with any 0.5mm mechanical pencil or scribe.

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