Incra Build-It System Starter Set Modular Jig & Fixture System

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    Incra Build-It System Starter Set Modular Jig & Fixture System BKITSTART

    Incra's famous Build it System Starter Kit: Create virtually any jig amazingly quick

    The Build-It Modular Jig & Fixture Platform System is a highly versatile new method for quickly and easily creating an extremely wide variety of common and special purpose jigs, fixtures and those one-of-a-kind work helpers that you typically find hanging on the walls and rafters in just about any workshop.

    The Build-It System begins with INCRA’s Mitre Slider adjustable aluminium runners. With hundreds of thousands of units already in circulation, these tried and true jig and fixture runners have become a workshop staple for the production of sliding and fixed base jigs.

    The Possibilities Are Endless

    But it’s the new Build-It Panels and T-Slot Panel Connectors that put the punch in this system. The Build-It Panels are pre-cut and pre-drilled to instantly accept all of the components of the system. You can add a Mitre Slider in seconds and it’s automatically square to your saw blade with no tedious measuring or drilling required, then mount a fence in moments using the counterbored mounting holes. The “glue” that holds everything together is INCRA’s innovative new T-Slot Panel Connector. These specially designed aluminum components serve to simultaneously interconnect the panels and provide a rock solid T-Slot for adding and holding jig accessories, fences, stops and Build-It Clamps.

    With the new Build-It Modular Jig & Fixture Platform System you just connect the parts with a screwdriver and the included fasteners. The possibilities are endless!

    The Build-It System Starter Kit provides all of the Build-It System components listed below you’ll need to produce any of the 5 different standard beneficial jigs plus many more!

    Build-It System Starter Kit Metric Inclusions

    • 1x Large Build-It Panel
    • 1x Small Build-It Panel
    • 2x 457mm T-Slot Panel Connector
    • 1x 457mm Miter Slider
    • 1x Build-It Clamp
    • 1pr x Build-It Brackets
    • 1 set of 8  Build-It Knobs
    • 1x 457mm Regular T-Track
    • 1x 457mm T-Track Plus
    • 5x FREE Jig Plans

    This highly versatile collection of Jig and Fixture “building blocks”, along with the included plans, will change the way you approach these and many other jig designs, making it possible to produce in minutes what used to take hours or even days.

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