Incra LS Table Saw Fence System

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    Incra LS Table Saw Fence System

    The Incra Table Saw Fence System automatically positions your table saw fence

    The INCRA TS-LS offers the one thing that every table saw fence should have, but none of them do: Automatic Positioning Control. All other table saws depend on a tape measure and your eyesight to position your work. That's why all table saw users are resigned to the fact that a good cut requires long set-up times and endless trial and error.

    Spend more time cutting, less time tapping and measuring!

    How the LS Fence System works

    The INCRA TS-LS completely eliminates the need for these tedious processes by using INCRA'S patented lead screw technology to position your work instantly and automatically to within 0.05mm.

    If you want to repeat a cut, you can return to any former position in less than 5 seconds with ZERO repeatability error. And because of its structural design, centrally placed carriage, and optimized side mounted clamping system, the entire unit virtually welds itself together into one solid block of steel and aluminum when locked in place. The result is exceptional strength, rigidity and stability.

    The large micro-adjust knob turns the lead screw against the mating threads, allowing the fence to be shifted between incremental steps with 0.025mm resolution.

    • The 810mm version is based on 1830mm rail length,
    • The 1320mm-version system uses 2335mm rails

    Both use the same 810mm Positioner, and quick-release knobs allow the positioner's base assembly to be shifted further from the saw blade on the 1320mm system's longer rails to achieve the greater capacity. Support legs are standard equipment on the 1320mm System.

    The fences will suit any table saw with a depth of 720mm or less, saws measuring up to 850mm deep can be accommodated by ordering the TSLSXLUG.

    Incorporating an existing router table into a saw

    The TS-LS Joinery System consists of an 810mm TS-LS Rip Fence System and a complete package of our best routing equipment:

    • Wonder Fence Shaper-Style Router Fence
    • Jumbo Right Angle Fixture
    • Shop Stop Fence Stop
    • LS Instructional DVD

    Now you can setup a dual-purpose workstation that includes the world’s best table saw fence, router fence and dovetail jig system all in one compact footprint!

    If you currently have a TS-LS table saw fence and wish to upgrade it to include a routing station, you can purchase the WonderFence Upgrade Kit (LSWFUG) separately. This upgrade does not include the right-angle fixture or ShopStop so you would need to buy these items to be able to do joinery work on the TSLS. If you just want to use it as a routing fence though the WonderFence upgrade would be all that’s required.

    Contact us to discuss extension wings that can accommodate router mount plates, lifts etc. to get the most from your all-in-one workstation!

    Manual Handling Surcharge (Overlength Item)

    Any item that measures over 1.5m once packaged cannot be sent through automatic freight sortation machines and must be handled manually by freight companies. For items 1.5 - 2.0m long there is a surcharge of $7.50 and for items 2.0m and longer there is a surcharge of $17.50 charged by the freight company to manually handle this freight. Timbecon passes this charge on at cost. If you choose Pickup or Click N Collect then there is no extra charge on your order for handling these over length items to prepare your order.

    810mm Table Saw Fence System (Manual Handling Surcharge Applies)
    $1,349.00 (inc GST)
    1320mm Table Saw Fence System (Manual Handling Surcharge Applies)
    $1,649.00 (inc GST)
    TSLS-32 (810mm) Joinery System (Manual Handling Surcharge Applies)
    $1,999.00 (inc GST)
    TSLS-52 (1320mm) Joinery System (Manual Handling Surcharge Applies)
    $2,299.00 (inc GST)
    XL Table Size Upgrade Kit
    $229.00 (inc GST)

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