iGaging EZ-View LED & Magnifier Desk Light

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    iGaging EZ-View LED & Magnifier Desk Light IG-36-LED-5816

    Achieving finely detailed work is satisfying but it can become a major strain on your eyes. Take the guesswork out of it with iGaging’s Magnifying Desk Light. Ideal for model building, luthiery, carving, or any craft where the small details make a big difference.

    Put magnification where you need it

    Attach the lamp to any work surface up to 57mm thick, at any angle. The spring suspension system in the positioning arm allows you to put the illuminated lens exactly where you need it, while the lens itself can be rotated in three dimensions, giving perfect visual access to any workpiece surface.

    Light up the workpiece

    100 LED lights around the perimeter of the lens eliminate shadows. Three lighting modes are available – perfect for tricky colour matching jobs.

    Get even closer

    Set within the main lens is a Power Spot Lens that offers 16x magnification to get you up close and personal with those ultra-tiny areas.

    125mm diameter crystal clear glass lens

    8X magnification

    16X spot magnification lens

    100 LED lights with matte finish cover

    3 lighting modes: white, soft & warm

    Thin frame design with universal movement for extra large view areas

    Spring suspension arm extends to 660mm

    1270mm USB power cord with attached power control - Power On/Off, 3 lighting modes, 10 intensity levels

    Adjustable mounting clamp (up to 57mm thick)

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