iGaging Combination Square Double Set

  • iGaging Combination Square Double Set IG-3421226-EM

    iGaging 150mm (6'') and 300mm (12'') Combination Square Set

    For nearly all of your precision measuring, marking and joint layout needs, this combination square set from iGaging fits the bill. It includes a 150mm (6'') square that fits nicely in an apron pocket, and a 300mm (12'') square that comes in handy for wider stock. Combination squares represent the ultimate in versatility, as they can be used for measuring, marking, leveling, and include both 45° and 90° reference surfaces. Each head slides along its ruler, and may be locked in any position, or removed completely. Includes storage case with fitted foam insert.





    Includes a 150mm (6'') combination square for your apron pocket, and 300mm (12'') model for larger work

    Each ruler has four edges, graduated in millimeters and inches

    Blades are precision-ground hardened steel with a satin chrome finish

    Heads are machined cast iron with a black finish

    Made to strict US accuracy standards

    Each square includes a hardened steel scribe that stores inside the head

    Bubble level in both heads


    Ruler Lengths


    150mm (6'') and 300mm (12'')
    • Blade Material: Hardened steel with satin chrome finish
    • Head Material: Cast iron


    • iGaging 6'' Combination Square
    • iGaging 12'' Combination Square
    • Fitted case


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    RRP: $109.00

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