iGaging Bandsaw Companion Alignment & Setup Tool

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    iGaging Bandsaw Companion Alignment & Setup Tool IG-36-BA-12

    Do you need help setting up your bandsaw so it saws true? Then check out this Bandsaw Companion Alignment & Setup Tool from iGaging. Perfect for anyone who needs assistance to set up their bandsaw.

    The iGaging Bandsaw Companion helps you set up your bandsaw so it will saw straight and true. Attach to companion to your bandsaw blade via the embedded magnets. Use a square to check if your mitre gauge is square. Use with setup blocks to check and adjust your rip fence. Use the sliding stop in the worktable mitre slots to check your rip fence aligns with the mitre slot. Watch the video to learn more.

    Features and benefits

    • Versatile tool for setting up your bandsaw
    • Use to check the fence, mitre gauge and mitre slot alignments
    • Use as a circle gauge
    • Hang on the bandsaw, ready for when you need it
    • Imperial graduations up top 12in
    • Embedded magnets and sliding stop
    • Made from anodised Aluminium

    Who is iGaging

    Engineered in the USA, iGaging produce a broad range of accurate and reliable measuring devices for machines and hand work. Use iGaging for super accurate measuring every time.

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