iGaging Digital Height Gauge 6.0in / 152mm with Adjustable Blade

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    iGaging Digital Height Gauge 6.0in / 152mm with Adjustable Blade IG-35629

    Do you need a super accurate tool height measurement gauge? One perfectly suited for setting the height of your table saw blade or router bit? Then check out the Digital Height Gauge with Adjustable Blade from iGaging. Perfect for the serious enthusiast and professional woodworker alike.

    The iGaging Digital Height Gauge takes the guesswork out of setting up your machines. The easy-to-use measuring mechanism ensures very accurate results every time you want to set up your gear.

    Features and benefits

    • Adjustable height blade
    • Measures up to 6.0in / 152mm in height
    • Large LCD display
    • Imperial measuring tape
    • Accuracy 0.001in / 0.03mm
    • IP54 protective rating - moisture and dust resistance
    • 35-629 has absolute encoding technology memorise absolute origin zero
    • Hold function
    • Single stainless-steel beam with light weight construction
    • Aluminium base with strong magnets
    • Auto shut off after 5 minutes
    • Micro USB data output port
    • Battery 3V CR2032 included
    • Instructions included
    • Supplied in protective case

    Who is iGaging

    Engineered in the USA, iGaging produce a broad range of accurate and reliable measuring devices for machines and hand work. Use iGaging for super accurate measuring every time.

    $214.90 (inc GST)

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