iGaging Digital Compass

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    iGaging Digital Compass IG-35-CD-26

    iGaging Digital Compass

    The iGaging Digital Compass is a 2-in-1 tool, a precision drawing and marking instrument.

    There is no estimation with this tool. The large digital LCD display provides 3-Way readings in Millimetres, Inches, and Imperial Fractions at the touch of a button.

    Perfect for those wanting to be exact with their angles and markings.



    Works in millimeters, inches and fractional

    Strong poly-fiber jaws

    Hold and reset functions

    Interchangeable tips and lead options

    200mm radius

    Calibration tool included


    Radius 200mm (8")
    Battery 3V CR2032 Lithium Cell
    Read Out 0.01" - 1/64" - 0.1mm (Display always shows radius)


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