Fastcap AccuScribe Pro Scribe

  • Fastcap AccuScribe Pro Scribe FC-98036

    Fastcap's Scribe System is another incredible innovation!

    The AccuScribe Pro makes it easy to maintain a consistent scribe offset, staying parallel to the object surface every time. It is ideal for scribing trim on kitchen cabinets, architectural moldings, counter tops, splash guards, tile and even flooring.

    Fits a standard pencil or Sharpie.

    Scribe Offset Features

    • Flat Bottom for precise marking
    • Retractable compass point
    • Built-in pencil sharpener
    • Articulating head
    • Brass knurl knobs
    • Precision sharpening system
    • Retractable compass point

    Brilliant as a marking gauge, radius designator or for any general scribing project.

    "Beautiful" Daniel Rempel on 06/13/2013 13:05 Review: Everything about this is perfect for the job it needs to do.


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