In 1969 the company marketing the RAZORSAW brand invented the system with the thinnest blade ever for the most efficient cutting.

The introduction of this new disposable saw amazed the Japanese woodworking industry and its success has proved that this method of manufacturing Japanese saws has taken the world by storm.

Each blade is impulse hardened. Impulse hardening is a new technique of heating for 1/1000 second by impulse energy at an extra high frequency resultingin hard and tenacious steel that gives remarkable durability. Once you have used a RAZORSAW you will wonder how anything else in the workshop did the job. 

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  • A Dozuki saw is a saw that has a spine to keep the cutting action accurate. Dozuki saws are the most popular type of Japanese saw on the market. D = depth of cut.

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  • Kabata saws are popular for general cabinet work. It features a flexible blade, which means it can cut through any thickness of timber as well as doing flush cut work. (please note: May mark timber when flush cutting) The blade is slightly tapered to the top so that friction is reduced when plunge cutting. The size provided is an average at the middle of the blade. The tooth configuration remains constant over the length of the blade to ensure a uniform, fine finish. The RS-412 is the same as th

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  • These saws have all the same features as their large brothers. They are made for users who need a small tool to get into a tight space, or who only work with small work pieces and therefore can exert greater control through the use of a smaller saw. All saws feature the improved EVA GRIP, which makes it more comfortable to use over longer periods of time and easier to control. The RS-293 and RS-290 have the ability to plunge cut into timber.

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