Japanese Saw Ryoba 210 x 0.45mm 17TPI TPE Handle

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    Japanese Saw Ryoba 210 x 0.45mm 17TPI TPE Handle RS-660

    Razorsaw Seium Saku Ryoba Double Edged Saw - 210mm

    Gyokucho Razorsaw Ryoba No. 660 is a double-edged saw, which means one cutting edge has rip teeth and the opposite edge has crosscut teeth.  

    This saw is incredibly useful as a general-purpose shop saw as it can handle anything from cutoff work to ripping a panel.  Impulse hardened, super sharp teeth are durable and make short work of any task, and an adjustable pivot point permits the blade to be angled in relation to the handle, which is useful in tight spaces or for overhead work.

    Saw is fitted with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) coated handle for improved grip in all conditions.

    The foremost manufacturer of Japanese saws today, Gyokucho has pioneered the processes of stamping and flattening the saw blade and grinding, setting and impulse hardening (one tooth at a time) the saw teeth, while committing to quality control through ongoing inspection that ensures a consistently superior product.


    • Blade Thickness: 0.45mm
    • Blade length: 210mm/8-1/4"
    • Crosscut TPI: 17; Rip TPI: 8
    • Replacement Blade: RSS-605

    Gyokucho Razorsaws feature blades filled with remarkably sharp teeth of incredible durability; however, the teeth cannot be sharpened, so all saws have replaceable blades Adjustable pivot point.

    There is a joint located in between the blade and blade’s tang that permits the blade and handle to be angled to facilitate cutting in cramped positions.

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