Razorsaw Japanese Fugaku Take Pruning Pull Saw 270mm Blade

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    Razorsaw Japanese Fugaku Take Pruning Pull Saw 270mm Blade

    Are you a gardener? Do you want an efficient, yet fine pruning saw perfect for bamboo? Then check out this Fugaku Take Pruning Pull Saw from Razorsaw. A high-quality pruning saw for the gardener who wants an efficient saw designed to cut bamboo without tearing the outer fibre of the stock.

    This Fugaku Take pruning saw from Razorsaw features fine evenly spaced teeth. This configuration produces very fine tear out free cuts. This Japanese saw is perfect for pruning bamboo and more delicate plants such as grape vines.

    This Fugaku Take has impulse hardened teeth that stay sharp and do not require sharpening. The saw is supplied in a very handy sheath that fits straight onto your belt. This saw is convenient, easy to use and very efficient.


    This Fugaku Take pruning saw is perfect for sawing:

    • Bamboo
    • Vines
    • Fruit trees
    • General gardening

    Features and benefits

    • Evenly spaced teeth that produce a neat and tidy cut very efficiently
    • Pull stroke cutting action that provides accuracy and ease of use
    • Long-lasting impulse hardened cutting teeth, so you are assured many years of use
    • Rustproof nickel plating so your saw will always look and work like new
    • Ergonomic pistol styled soft rubber grip for a comfortable and secure grip
    • Plastic sheath with belt loop to protect your saw and for your convenience


    • Blade length 270mm
    • Blade thickness 0.7mm
    • Pitch 1.7mm
    • TPI 15

    Made in Japan

    This Japanese pruning saw is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.

    $52.90 (inc GST)

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