Razorsaw Handy Japanese Saw Set of Three Ryoba Dozuki Flush Cut

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    Razorsaw Handy Japanese Saw Set of Three Ryoba Dozuki Flush Cut RSKIT-3

    This Handy Three-Piece Japanese Pull Saw Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to start using Japanese Saws. A beautifully balanced set of saws perfect for all woodworkers who love to use hand tools when sawing wood.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. This Handy Three-Piece Japanese Pull Saw Kit is offers three saws that cover a broad range of general sawing tasks all in one economical kit. Your kit includes one each of the following saws.

    Razorsaw Dozuki with TPE Handle RS-373

    First, we have your fine joinery saw. The steel spine of this Dozuki pull saw supports its super thin 0.3mm blade making this saw perfect for fine cuts and detailed joinery. The TPE (thermoplastic) grip expresses a traditional Japanese pattern making the saw comfortable to use. It may be held anywhere along its length. And the TPE grip buffers impacts resulting in a smooth action for fine cuts.

    Razorsaw Ryoba with TPE handle RS-660

    Next, we have your general-purpose saw. The Ryoba features two alternate sawing edges. One edge of 1.5mm, 17 TPI teeth for cross cutting. And one edge of 2.5 - 3.7mm, 9 - 10 TPI teeth for rip sawing. The teeth on all Razorsaw pull saws are impulse hardened for durability and the blades are surface treated to prevent rust.

    Razorsaw Japanese Double Edge Flush Cutting Saw RS-1151

    Finally, your double-edged Flush Cutting Saw. This pull saw is a compact 125mm in length with a flexible 0.3mm thick blade. This flush cutter features two alternate sawing edges, a fine edge with 1.3mm teeth and a super fine edge with 1.0mm teeth. The saw blade is polished smooth to reduce marring. It is ideal for sawing pegs, dowels and other flush sawing challenges.

    Why this three piece Japanese saw kit

    If you are new to Japanese saws, or if you are a little confused by all the options, consider this three-piece set your ticket into Japanese woodworking. This is a balanced set that provides you with a fine saw for joinery, a versatile saw for all types of breaking down tasks and a flush cut saw for when you need it. A perfect starter set.

    About Japanese saws

    Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke. This means the blade is stretched when in use thus the sawblade may be made very thin relative to western saws. This means you can enjoy a very narrow and accurate cuts. Also, contemporary Japanese saws are made with hardened laser cut teeth. This means they stay sharp and do not require re-sharpening.

    Replacement blades

    Japanese pull saws are very durable and stay sharp. If used correctly, Japanese saws and will last through many years of use. However, because they are designed not to be resharpened, replacement blades are available. Please use the code listed in each saws description to find the correct replacement blades on the Timbecon website.

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese saws are all produced by the Razorsaw Manufacturing Company of Japan. Each is a high-quality product, 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.
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