Tonkachi Square Genno Hammer - Copper Plated 225g Head

  • Tonkachi Square Genno Hammer - Copper Plated 225g Head J-003006

    This octagonal headed genno hammer is used for striking Japanese chisels as well as driving nails. The two faces are slightly different with one face ground flat for general driving and the other face has a slight crown to it for driving nails flush to a surface without causing damage and also for driving Japanese chisels. Only the faces of the hammer head are hardened. The remainder of the head is left unhardened allowing it to absorb the recoil shock caused by an impact transferring less back to the user. The hammer head is mounted on a strong Japanese white oak handle. Overall length 325mm. 

    In Japanese woodworking, metal headed hammers are used for everything from driving chisels and carving tools to setting plane irons and assembling joints. The construction of Japanese hammers differs greatly to the hammers familiar to us in the West making them much more effective for their size. Special hardening processes combined with head shape and handle length ensures that more of the energy from the hammer is transferred to the item being struck with considerably less recoil. This results in less user fatigue and greater comfort in use

    Because the head is made of solid copper and therefore, being a non-ferrous metal, it can be used to strike metal without any sparking occurring.

    • Designed for striking Japanese chisels and driving nails 
    • Features one flat-face for general driving 
    • One crown-face used for driving nails flush without damaging the workpiece 
    • Mounted onto a Japanese white oak handle 
    • Made in Japan


    $69.90 (inc GST)

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