Japanese Artisan Three Piece Hammer Set

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    Japanese Artisan Three Piece Hammer Set AGKIT-3

    Set the romance aside, Japanese tools are made for working wood. But hang on, what’s with all these different hammers? The Japanese take their hammers very seriously so there is a hammer for every task. If you are into hand tool woodworking, then check out this Artisan Set of three Japanese hammers.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. If you are purchasing your first Japanese tools, why not start with a pair of hammers? This hammer set is very versatile and suitable for a broad range of tasks.

    About Japanese Hammers

    Japanese hammers are different to Western hammers - not a claw in sight! This does not mean that are either superior or inferior, after all, they virtually do the same job. They are simply the Japanese approach, built upon hundreds of years of tool making tradition.

    Artisan Set of Three Maru Genno Hammers

    Your three-piece set includes:

    Learn more about the individual hammers by using the SKU number and visiting each page on the Timbecon website.

    Please note, these hammers are supplied separately, not in a single box.

    Why this set of three Japanese Hammers

    Well basically. You have a light hammer and a heavy hammer. You also have a hammer in between. Between these three you have a broad range of applications to suit a very broad range of woodworking tasks from adjusting a plane, to whacking a chisel to driving a nail. Purchase additional hammers separately once you have found your groove. Learn more about each hammer by visiting it’s page on the Timbecon website.

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese Hammers are a high-quality product, 100% made in Japan.

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