Tonkachi Maru Genno Japanese Hammer

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    Tonkachi Maru Genno Japanese Hammer

    Set the romance aside, Japanese tools are made for working wood. But hang on, what’s with all these different hammers? The Japanese take their hammers very seriously so there is a hammer for every task. If you are into hand tool woodworking, then check out these Daruma Genno Hammers.

    Working with hand tools is one of the great pleasures of woodworking. And using Japanese tools takes this experience to the next level. If you are purchasing your first Japanese tools, why not start with a hammer? These Maru Genno hammers are a versatile range of hammers suitable for a broad range of tasks.

    Maru Genno Hammers are available in three different weights, please select your preferred option from the dropdown menu

    Japanese hammers are different to Western hammers - not a claw in sight! This does not mean that are either superior or inferior, after all, they virtually do the same job. They are simply the Japanese approach, built upon hundreds of years of tool making tradition.

    Your Maru Genno Hammer

    The Maru Genno hammers have a rounded steel head with both a flat and domed face. The handles are made from beautiful White Oak. These hammers come in three different weights - this means there is a hammer for a range of applications. Whether it is striking a chisel, a nail or adjusting a plane, these hammers have the weight for the task. Read on to learn more.

    Three weights

    The Maru Genno hammers are available in three weights – 150g, 225g and 375g. The faces of the heads are hardened, whereas the body of the head is unhardened. The softer steel allows the hammer to absorb the shock created when striking. The lighter hammer is a popular choice for detailed chiselling, assembling fine joinery and adjusting planes. The heavier hammer does all these tasks as well - also great for nailing. The middle-weighted hammer is for all those tasks somewhere in between, it’s all about personal preference.

    Two striking faces

    One striking face is flat the other is slightly domed. The flat face can be used for a broad range of work in particular striking chisels. The domed face’s common purpose is to compress the surfaces of joints made from softer timbers before final fitting. “Killing” the joint by hammering allows for a very tight fit. The domed face is also excellent for the final setting of a nail.

    White Oak Handle

    The handles of the Maru Genno are made from beautiful White Oak. The handles are smooth and feel great in the hand. Overall, these hammers are nicely balanced allowing for multiple grip positions depending on the work at hand. The solid steel hammer head absorbs the shock, so the striking force is not transferred to the handle. The hammer head are securely fitted using a timber wedge and steel wedge plug.


    Japanese hammers are a pleasure to use. With their compact heads and variety of designs, they are useful in all woodworking situations. If you are tapping in a fine wedge, adjusting a plane, chopping joints or nailing, there is a Japanese hammer for the task. Reality is that you will end up owning three, a kit tuned to the work you do.

    Japanese Chisels

    And let’s not forget Japanese Chisels. Most varieties of Japanese bench chisels are fitted with a steel hoop so they may be used with a steel hammer. This is different to the Western tradition of using a heavy wooden mallet. Using a steel hammer has distinct advantages, in particular the agility and preciseness one can achieve when working. From the tinniest tap to the heaviest blow, working with a steel head Japanese hammer provides you with incredible control.

    Made in Japan

    These Japanese hammers are a high-quality product, 100% made in Japan.


    Susa Selsakusho

    Country of origin



    2 years limited

    Hammer head material

    Drop forged steel

    Hammer head weights

    J-000029 – 150g

    J-003501 – 225g

    J-003525 – 375g

    Hammer head dimensions

    J-000029 – 62mm long, 21mm diameter

    J-003501 – 75mm long, 25mm high oval

    J-003525 – 90mm long, 22mm high oval

    Handle material

    White Oak

    Handle length

    J-000029 – 280mm

    J-003501 – 300mm

    J-003525 – 300mm

    Overall length

    J-000029 – 305mm

    J-003501 – 330mm

    J-003525 – 335mm

    150g Head
    $43.90 (inc GST)
    225g head
    $49.00 (inc GST)
    375g Head
    $56.50 (inc GST)

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