Magnetic Featherboard Risers

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    Magnetic Featherboard Risers MSWRIS

    Stack your featherboards for extra height with the Featherboard Riser

    It's a common problem we woodworkers face. How do we ensure we maintain our featherboard's accuracy while also enhancing their capability to hold larger, taller workpieces. Magswitch have thought of literally everything in their huge range of magnetic featherboard accessories, so it's no surprise that they've solved this one, too.

    The Featherboard riser allows you to stack your featherboards in conjunction with the featherboard vertical attachment, keeping them tightly secure to ensure you don't lose the snug fit and finish of your cutting, while giving you as much extra height as you want.

    Perfect with the vertical featherboard attachment

    Available separately are the Magswitch Featherboard Risers that can be used in conjunction with the Vertical Featherboard Attachment as well as the Table Featherboard to create stacktable/tandem featherboards that improve workholding of thick or tall work pieces.

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