Magnetic Featherboard Resaw Fence

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    Magnetic Featherboard Resaw Fence MSWRSG

    Cut Super Fine Projects With The Magswitch Resawing Guide

    This resaw guide offers incredibly fine veneers and resawing like a professional. The ultra-fine and super-accurate design allows the finest cutting work with ease, while the versatility and ease of setup across the Magswitch range is virtually unparalleled by other stuffy woodworking brands. The Magswitch Resaw Guide attachment is for use with the Magswitch Workholding System. 


    Features core advantages of Magswitch including fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel table or cast iron fence. The roller bearing support provides for firm yet smooth gliding of wood through a blade – while the angled infeed/outfeed allows for blade drift adjustment. 

    How to Set Up and Where to Use

    It mounts to the Universal Mounting Base with MagJigs (each sold separately). Includes all required attachment hardware and micro adjustment for fine tuning to 90 degrees. Ideal for resawing on band saws, oscillating spindle or disc sanders.

    $52.90 (inc GST)

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