Magnetic Featherboard for Tables

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    Magnetic Featherboard for Tables MSWPTFB

    Magswitch Table Featherboard Offer Greater Holding Power And Safety, Anywhere You Need It

    This powerful Featherboard adds to your safety and quality of cut. It accepts the Magswitch Vertical Attachment with Risers for holding down your work piece down vertically as well as in to the fence.

    Three featherboards in one.

    The Magswitch Pro Featherboard also acts as the base of an adjustable stackable featherboard for tall pieces. Features two powerful 30mm Magswitches.


    •   Versatile — no miter slot limitation
    •   Fast, accurate positioning
    •   Cut wider material
    •   Can be place beyond the mitre slot
    •   Provides powerful control
    •   Easy on/off operation
    $144.90 (inc GST)

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