Magnetic Featherboard Reversible Attachment

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    Magnetic Featherboard Reversible Attachment MSWFRB

    Reverse your magnetic featherboard with Magswitch

    A brilliantly innovative way of reversing your featherboard to enhance your Magswitch range's versatility, this attachment allows the user to seamlessly enhance your featherboard's capabilities without sacrificing the renowned accuracy of the range. The Magswitch Reversible Featherboard Attachment is for use with the Magswitch Workholding System. It mounts to the Universal Mounting Base and MagJigs (each sold separately).


    Features core advantages of Magswitch including fast, strong set up anywhere on a steel table or cast Iron fence where you’re not limited by the mitre slot. The featherboard is reversible for left and right hand feeds.

    It also accommodates the Vertical Featherboard Attachment for an added dimension of safety and protection against kickbacks. The low profile design can be used on your smallest tables and fences.

    $35.90 (inc GST)

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