Shield Technology VanGuard Wipes Corrosion Inhibitor Pack of 5

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    Shield Technology VanGuard Wipes Corrosion Inhibitor Pack of 5 VGW-5

    Quickly stop rust growth with easy single use wipes from Shield Technology.

    VanGuard Wipes are a versatile and quick means of applying corrosion inhibitor to a surface. Each wipe is packed in an individual sachet. The wipe is saturated with a triple action corrosion inhibiting package. It contains a highly refined low viscosity Swedish mineral oil which provides simple barrier protection. The equivalent of an oily rag.  However, the oil also acts as the carrier for powerful ferrous and non-ferrous metal contact corrosion inhibitors and also a powerful vapour phase inhibitor. These wipes are designed to be used after giving your machine or tool a good clean and should provide a level of protection that your tools deserve.

    In short, the level of protection provided by a quick application of the wipe will be exceptional. If the item or tool being protected is being placed in a container or tool box the wipe can be placed in the same place.  The vapour phase inhibitors given off by the wipe will protect unseen and inaccessible surfaces.

    Sold in a 5 pack. This is the perfect amount to "give them a go". 

    Saturated with mineral oil containing powerful corrosion inhibitors that serve as a surface treatment, this wipe also has a VpCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) as an added element of protection.

    The VpCI gives off a harmless vapor that, when used in an enclosed space such as a drawer or toolbox, forms an invisible crystal barrier over the entire tool surface, including areas not treated directly by the wipe. The tools and used wipe continue to emit the vapor, protecting approximately 5 litres (305 of space for up to 12 months.

    A simple, effective way to impede corrosion on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

    Made in U.K.

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