Carnauba Wax Polish

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    Carnauba Wax Polish GS-70405

    Carnauba wax, heralded as the "queen of waxes," is a premium natural wax derived from the leaves of the Brazilian Carnauba palm. This wax is sustainably harvested by drying and beating the leaves, a process that respects the palm's integrity while ensuring ongoing productivity.

    What sets Carnauba Polish apart in the woodworking community is its status as the hardest natural wax available and its composition, enriched with carnauba wax and beeswax. This blend makes the polish eco-friendly, biodegradable, and incredibly user-friendly. Carnauba Polish is notably soft and easy to apply, offering a fast-drying formula that hardens swiftly. Upon buffing, it transforms into a beautiful, hard, high sheen that enhances the wood's natural beauty and provides excellent protection.

    Carnauba Polish is an outstanding choice for a practical yet environmentally responsible finish. Its plant-based origin ensures a durable, glossy finish, ideal for woodworkers aiming to protect their projects with a natural, long-lasting sheen. This polish is especially suited for adding that final high-quality touch to your creations, safeguarding them against water, and wearing them with a stunning, sustainable sheen.

    Used For

    A surface finish for waxed or oiled timber. Also suitable for non-porous surfaces such as metal, marble, slate and concrete. Ideal for use over chalk paint and Venetian plaster.

    Surface Preparation

    Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application. Timber needs to be previously waxed or oiled before application. Not suitable for raw timber.

    How to Apply

    1. Dip a clean, lint-free cloth and spread sparingly over the surface, not more than one square metre at a time, in a circular motion. 
    2. Buff back vigorously with a soft, lint-free cloth or buffing pads.
    3.  Use up to three coats, buffing well between each coat. Allow 20 - 30 minutes between coats.

    Dry Time

    20 minutes provided excess is wiped away.


    Depending on wear, apply if the waxed area becomes dull or faded.

    Clean Up

    Warm, soapy water for hands or cloth. Excess wax on timber; dampen a cloth with d-limonene or mineral turpentine.

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