Cabinetmakers Wax

  • Cabinetmakers Wax GS-70404

    Cabinet Maker's Wax is a traditional type of beeswax polish with the addition of carnauba wax. It gives an added sheen and harder finish and is excellent for filling small holes, defects and hairline cracks. Cabinet Maker's Wax is marvelous on oak, jarrah and other woods that have no specific finish. Used over the Restoring and New Timber Polish, Cabinet Maker's Wax produces a beautiful natural finish. In this case it is best applied with #0000 or #00000 Steel Wool.

    We have also discovered that it can also be used as a rust inhibitor and to reduce friction on cast-iron machine and tool surfaces. And it makes the workshop smell good too.

    $16.50 (inc GST)

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