Shield Technology HoneRite Gold 250mL

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    Shield Technology HoneRite Gold 250mL HRG-250

    Take your honing to the next level with HoneRite.

    HoneRite Gold is a universal grinding, honing and lapping additive that makes water non-corrosive. It is supplied as a concentrate and is added to water, protecting both the machine and anything in the vicinity that may get splashed. It is highly recommended for use with all makes of powered water stone grinder eg. Tormek, Scheppach, Jet, Delta, Shinko etc. It can also be used with Japanese water stones and diamond honing plates. It is used regularly by Rob Cosman in his teaching demonstrations. A 250ml tin of HoneRite Gold makes a total of 6 litres of honing/grinding fluid.

    • Highly concentrated water additive, Makes water non-corrosive
    • Suitable for powered wetstone grinders, Japanese watersones and diamond honing plates
    • Protects sharpened tools and diamond plates from corrosion
    • One bottle makes 6 litres of honing fluid
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