Natural Danish Oil

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    Natural Danish Oil

    Designed to highlight and finish timber with a warm colour/character enhancement, it attains traditional oil patina results. This makes it particularly suited for medium/dark Australian hardwoods and imported timbers to highlight the natural grain pattern. If you are working with paler timbers (Pine varieties, Ash, Beech etc.) then to maintain the pale character of the timber we recommend using Organoil's Woodsheen.

    Unlike most other Danish or Scandanavian Oils on the market today, Organoil's Danish Oil is a pure, natural plant oil product formulated to better reflect the original, heavy-oil mixes that gave “Danish Oil” its renown. It will not emulsify (go off) in the can after opening meaning it has a shelf-life of numerous years providing contaminants are not introduced (decanting prior to use is recommended).

    Once dry, this finish is both FOOD and CHILD-SAFE.

    Danish Oil Information & Data Sheet

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